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Lonely Star

いつの日か 世界が消えてしまっても

24 May 1984
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Laura, 26, Italian.
I'm a Language graduate aiming to be a pro-translator.

I love music, tv show and videogames. I'm a fulltime fangirl and I have a thing for a wonderful man called Inaba Kōshi - I become hopeless when it's about him.
This lj is called Lonely Star for two main reason. First, there's a beautiful B'z song titled Lonely Stars. Second, I have another site on my personal domain where I collect my song translation into Italian and other music stuff that's called The Northern Star, and they're more or less linked.

Here you will find my caps, my scan, my translation and all this sort of thing about my fandoms, expecially the ones nobody cares about.
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Header image by me, from Inaba Kōshi's solo dvd en</en>